About Momonu

We are ONLINE Factory outlet store and wholesaler of Cemetery Memorials, Cremation Memorials, Flower Vases,Procelain Photos,Grave Covers. Based on Western Canada and service the prairie provinces, we have our own technical team, first-class technology.
Yes. We offer a huge discount to Christian and any one who has Christian as relative or close friend. We offer this simply because our founder is a sincere Christian.
We are a startup company that has Christian Culture background with our founder being a sincere Christian. We promise that every year we donate 10% of our annual gross sale to churches, every year, always.

Consumer Rights

The law protects consumer by allowing them to purchase all memorials, such as monuments, grave markers and cremation urns, from a source other than funeral home and cemetery . Cemetery and Funeral home cannot:
1. Cemetery can not refuse to accept a monument or grave marker or any related memorial item that has been purchased from any other source. Similarly funeral home can not refuse to accept a casket or urn or any related funeral item that has been purchased from any other source.
2. Cemetery and funeral home can not charge the consumer a fee for accepting a monument or grave marker or any related memorial item that has been purchased from any other source.
3. Cemetery and funeral home can not increase the their service price, which are itemized on their written price list.
4. Cemetery and funeral home can not treat you or your family any different than if you had purchased a memorial from them.
For additional information, please contact Board of Funeral Services (Sask):
Phone: (306) 584-1575 Email: administration@funeralinfo.ca or visit www.fcscs.ca

other province please see the contact list click here
Some Cemetery and funeral homes are now REQUIRING you to Purchase THEIR memorials or casket in order to receive a discount on their service fees. THIS IS A SHAM DISCOUNT! Not only are they restricting your choice, but attempting to penalize you for making your choice.
This is simply another way for them to charge you their high memorial or casket prices. The FTC already has ruled that you can NOT be penalized or charged a fee for selecting your memorial or casket elsewhere. When faced with these cemeteries and  funeral homes, many consumers are refusing to be their customers.
"Sham Discount Packages" is a discount where you don't save any money! Some cemeteries or funeral homes are attempting to eliminate consumer choice with a disguised penalty for consumers who wish to save money by buying a memorial from a memorial store.
Sham Discount Packages is an anti-competitive scheme, do not fall for it!
1. Momonu Memorials is providing you equal or greater quality memorials with 1/2 of the cost! We have much more memorials selections than your funeral home or cemetery
2. Some cemeteries and funeral home providers mark up memorial or caskets 200-500-% to provide high corporate conglomerate profits at your expense!
3. There are still many professional funeral providers and cemeteries who will treat you with respect for the choices you make!