About Momonu

We are ONLINE Factory outlet store and wholesaler of Cemetery Memorials, Cremation Memorials, Flower Vases,Procelain Photos,Grave Covers. Based on Western Canada and service the prairie provinces, we have our own technical team, first-class technology.
Yes. We offer a huge discount to Christian and any one who has Christian as relative or close friend. We offer this simply because our founder is a sincere Christian.
We are a startup company that has Christian Culture background with our founder being a sincere Christian. We promise that every year we donate 10% of our annual gross sale to churches, every year, always.

Online Order

All prices are wholsale price, we are factory direct, not distributors, we do not have much profit, just to make a reasonable profit. Supplying affordable monuments, grave markers, urn Flower Vases,Procelain Photos is our purpose. Help you Save on Funeral Costs.
  • A. Choose Stone Color (Select from website)

available colors:

  • B. Choose Size of Headstone(We will contact cemetery to confirm)
  • C. Choose Top of Headstone

available style of top of headstone:

  • D. Select Design from Design Catalog(Select from website)
  • E. Select Sandblasting Lettering Style:

available Sandblasting Lettering Style:

  • F. Lettering Content (Customer Provide)
  • G. Designer will create layout and send to customer for approval